Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stopped reading Winer

Perhaps it hasn't been obvious but about a month ago our main contributor stopped sipping the Winer wine or whine. Just can't take it anymore. Finito. At least for now. However before making such a momentous announcement we needed to wait for a couple of things to happen and now they have.

First Dave Winer kicks off the Bastards of Blogs series. Some great artwork and a valuable trading card to keep in store.

Second, or really first but listed here second, a new site sprang up out of another blog on this service. In the future when we have something to say it will go on the EyeOnWiner.org site. Farewell for now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


According to Scripting News this morning a snarky post is one where a professional blogger/journalist in a speciality market asks why Dave Winer gets press passes for that speciality market when the poster does not.

Then the site goes on to try and pour gasoline on the flame war with Adam Curry.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Hey everybody let's see who is making absurd claims today. You guessed it, not Al Gore inventing the Internet, and not Adam Curry inventing Podcasting, but Dave Winer claims to have invented blogging. Sweet. Good thing he didn't get into search or Google wouldn't be half the company it is today.

Sliding down the slipery slope

This morning brings a new gem from Scripting News. A new attempt by Dave Winer to fan the flames. For somebody who claims to hate flame wars he sure uses a lot of gasoline.

What is truly laughable is this bit "it actually was a company turning a Wikipedia page into an ad for itself." Funny that just a few days ago he endorsed just such a person. Take a minute to read the page on Dave Winer, who has made himself a brand and the controversy about the editor's role in trying to rewrite history -- apparently a virtue if you rewrite the way Winer wants it to be.

Of course this is to be expected from a person who has no compunction about linking to business associates and himself as authoritative sources on topics without any disclaimer.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dave Winer: Linking to incorrect information

Dave Winer oft waxes on about needing media to be checking facts. Today, however, he links a CBS News story that got it wrong. In explaining the dust-up between Adam Curry and Dave Winer it says that Curry's poor choice in editing Wikipedia it says "at the same time pumping up his own role."

Not actually. The rest of what they say is true, Curry edited out someone else's contribution. He did not make edits to "pumping up" his own role. The take-away seems to be - facts matter as long as they support Winer. If they don't then it is just fine to play fast and loose and Winer will jump on the band flame wagon.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dave Winer: I was conned

Dave Winer now says he was conned. He appears careful never to say who did the conning, possibly attempting to avoid a libel suit, but there is little doubt he refers to his current to-do with Adam Curry. As we noted recently Winer is fanning the flames in an old beef with Curry. It's funny that Winer, who is well known for posting provocative statements and then taking them down in an effort to play the victim, got caught by Adam Curry who has just been busted for editing the Wikipedia in a way Winer doesn't like.

The best part is where Winer claims it was a bug in the software, that he wrote and oft proclaims as the gold standard.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dave Winer admits podcasting was Adam Curry's idea

Through a series of posts where Winer has been taking advantage of Adam Curry's Wikipedia jam to take pot shots at Curry. However, in the rush to try and flame Curry Winer makes an interesting admission. In the comment where Winer tries to fan the flame war says "as I recall it -- he explained the idea to me, had to do it over and over because I was so dense, and then didn't say anything other than How do we do this?"

So there we have it. While audio blogging existed before Curry's script and his was a second, independent effort, Winer acknowledges that it was in fact Curry "the Podfather" who came up with the idea for Podcasting and engaged Winer to work on the technical spec.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Blind to RSS's shortcommings

It is pretty funny to see this post. Funny in a sad sort of way. The eWeek article that Dave Winer doesn't understand is clearly understood by the posters on his website. Further, this has been a problem with RSS since day one. As far as we can tell Atom doesn't solve this. Search Feedster and you'll find tons of hijacked feeds, some innocently some maliciously. Sometimes one is so intent on believing their creation flawless they seem to be totally blind to its major shortcomings, and want credit for all the good and place blame for the ill their pet project creates.